Planes, Lounges and TG 461

I am sitting in a Thai lounge at Suvaranabhumi airport at Bangkok. This is the last leg of the 1 day trip to Melbourne Australia. I had a 2 hour meeting on Agile with one of the client’s.

The flight from Bangalore TG 326 on the forward leg of the trip was on time. I had checked in earlier on web but did not get the boarding pass. The paranoid in me got to the airport 30 mins earlier to get it. Though travelling business class it should not have been an issue at all. At the Bengaluru airport could not cut the queue but since it was early it also mattered little.  The security check was fine for me. But for the person in next lane it was bit of an event. His customs agent went for a break and he cut me out and reached my agent. The agent growled at him and sent him back. – Wait for your man. He said. When I reached he asked me where I work and if I know Kanada. Swalpa I said with a smile. He looked stern. Need to learn it fast now, at least for his sake.

Flight was ok. Agent from office was considerate and placed a vegetarian meal preference. Decent food. I was looking for some Thai stuff at least some sauce but it was continental, fruits and Indian. I thought they feed you bit too much.

Break at Bangkok. Local time 0530 hrs. The terminals here are far from one another with duty frees coming in the way. I had some three hours to the next flight TG 461. By this time lack of sleep and that it was 0400 ish for my body meant I was heavy eye lids. Went around and at the concourse E saw the Thai Royal Silk lounge. The sweet girl there advised me to go to the other one near the concourse C. Her voice was so nice. Wanted to stay but took her advice. Nice smile and a bye.

The lounge was clean efficient. Lot of food but I too only some juice and prepared to sleep. The lounge here is a silent one. They do not announce any departures. So set my mobile to local time and set the alarm for my next flight at 0830. The sofas are nice.

Flight next leg was good. Very friendly crew. Food was nice and warm and bit too much again. I had to refuse the main meal. The starter, salad, bread and drinks were enough. My throat was giving me problems before and now it got worse. All that cold beverages and the A.C. I was hoarse and whispering. A pretty thoughtful hostess offered Brandy with hot water. So nice. If there were some ginger and honey it would have been the best drink I could ask for. The drink still was very good and soothing. The smile from hostess was silk. On board entertainment had lot of options. Saw lucky by chance for 10 mins and slept off. The food before landing was a repeat and I skipped most except for the salad. They have the whole spread with fruit, wine and cheese at the end.

The meeting was nice. Better still I met up with very old friend of mine Anand and his wife Suma. We used to have tons of fun 15 years back when we had all started to work. The retro trips, nostalgia is ever so great. Tony was taking care of me at Melbourne from tips to reach office to medication for my sore throat. Even an offer to drop me to the airport.

The return flight TG 462 was at 0030 hrs. The Taxi chap dropping me was old Melbourne hand, who also drove taxis in London, Tehran and LA. His story was very interesting. He skipped the freeway and took the street roads and showed how the city has grown and where the old airport was and how the freeway meanders around while the street roads lead straight. Since it was night we has very light traffic and cool conversation. He lost his parents ( old age ) and a brother. The brother had cancer. He and his wife are going back to LA next month. He is joining back his old employer there.

The flight was on time. I was 2 hours early at the airport. Check in. Lounge. Browse net there. This is air New Zealand lounge. Good. They do make departure announcements.

As I boarded the flight the crew from yesterday greeting me. Recognized me. Were surprised I was, like them, flying back the very next day. Eat a bit, played with TV and slept. I was feeling very lonely. Stupidly I got this meeting scheduled on my Anniversary. Now I was missing Wify dear dearly. She gave me hints and dirty looks before it hit me that I goofed up big time. Composed a poem, in apology. Hope All izz Well. Got to make up. Now I miss her too much.

Flight landed at 0500 hrs but my connection is at 2050 hrs on TG 325. Tried for earlier flight. No luck. Miss home more. A good thing is, I got a hotel room with in the terminal, in Louise Tavern, courtesy Thai. Check in. Shower and sleep and when I woke up was hungry and empty. So walked out, look for a phone to call. My mobile is not working. Yet to figure out the way to call. Breakfast in the Lounge at concourse E. They have sleeping rooms here too. But for me I am good for now. If only I can talk to her.

So long more later got to hunt for a phone card now.


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