TG Travels part 2

The hunt for phone card got me nothing. But I got familiar with the floor plans on level 2 and level3. One need to re-do security check every time to enter level 3 or 4 from level 2. That too I found out. Finally found a phone that gave a 00189 number for international calls, using credit cards. I called. Happy. Wify dear wanted to call back. So did some shopping and went back to hotel got the details for the incomming call and mailed to wify. Managed to get a Wifi in the room. Cool.

Slowly drifted off to sleep and was woken by Wify dears call at 4:00. Chat. Yawn.Stretch. And went out for a bite and bit more of shoping for chocolates. The duty free here is like others, tons of branded stuff and few sovenier shops and etc. There are more Spas and massage parlours though. Came back to room and it was time for check out.

I still had more than two hours so went for a Thai massage. No oil. no cream. The message is all about pressure and stretching. The messuesse had deft and firm fingers. Did not get so relaxed or may be I was already, with all that sleeping and eating and no mials or calls. Reminded me that it has been ages since I stretched. Yoga must begin again.

Back to the lounge and typing this in. It is nearly time. I guess the boarding will start now. Remeber this is a silent one. So got to log off and go.


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