Mad max on fury road or was it death race ?

This blog series is talking much longer than expected to come to the main point. I took so much time to get started and now each segment is stretching into more than one blog ! And our trip to point A to point B during the ride too took longer than expected even when we anticipated the longer than expected thingy.


To live is to learn

In the previous blog I was talking about learning from a DIY session on emergency bike fixes and about leaning to lead a formation of bikers on the busy Mysore road. This was part of the event by BAC Bengaluru. That blog was on the DIY session and the ride till lunch at Ramanagara Kamat. This…


This is a blog of the trip I went with lots of friends to Gandikota and Belum caves in Andhra few months back. Gandikota – Earth: The rocks they stack , form layers and sit majestically. The sheer beauty of these is seen when a river cuts a gorge and exposes the spectacle after a millennia…