Beaming smile from Indigo host

Ya life is tiring. Routine, demands, ambitions, frustrations. As kids we have fun ,then we grow up and get tangled. Yet, life is also twisty and can surprise. A ride post rain makes you smile. An old friend’s phone call makes your day. Sale ? Deal ? hmm may be, some times. Pups and toddlers always make me smile.

We can do small things to make others smile. So I still feel hopeful for the human kind and our creed’s future. Few moons ago I wrote on how talking to the Cabbies and giving them little help releases Oxytocin the happiness chemical.

I was air borne once again today. Indigo. Despite the “went viral passenger beating” thing I like the airline. Thet are tad too picky on punctuality but are efficient. The crew seems to take their job seriously. Watch hosts do the welcome, pre take off brief, the coaching to the emergency exit seaters.

Then there is the carting the meals trolley post take off. Small duration flights, corporate passengers add to the amount of work to be done by them. We(the company booked blokes) get complementary food ( one item ) and a beverage. And we expect that if we enquire we will get something exquisite. Not the normal sandwiches, noodles, cookies, nachos or cashews. But. Pastas, pastries, aviyals and what-nots. Yes there is a decent choice there and it is listed in the book. But. We need something more. So “Kya options hai ?”

And she will explain the entitlements and options. And we ask for the nonexistent or the just finished one. Life is a vexing tale then . “Sorry sir that you may enjoy on the firm ground but up here may I recommend you ….” Not in so many words but she does politely nudge you to decide fast so she can go to the next confused corporate ego. Rinse , repeat. Row after row, flight after flight, day after day. Giddy.

Next time you travel on the flight with privileges, try this. Make up your mind on the food. Avoid the sandwiches, noodles etc. Remember you need to give it away to the cabby ? So go for dry cold ones. Cashews, Nachos, cookies, pop corns. The Popcorn comes in a neat tin. May I humbly recommend that ? Decide on drink. Paper boat is not a bad idea.

Once she confirms your name and seeks your choice, in a clear, crisp, confident tone request. See the wave of relief on her forehead. Yey you saved couple of mins. Image what that means to a time obsessed, super efficiency oriented, Indigo trained crew. It is like chilled beer after a hot afternoon run. OK ok ok like a neat cool Nimbu paani.

Next as she is serving others in your row, neatly tear the portion of the boarding pass that has the special services CPML written. In Bold. (When I book personal and it says none and I want to pencil in CPML myself there). And then as she asks for your boarding pass give her the neatly cut paper piece.

I wonder why they need to collect it ? In these connected , digital times it beats me. Normally she takes the pass, tears the mandatory bit (fumbling as it tears unevenly) that the airline apparently collects for audit and annoyance purposes. If it is those A4 printouts it is even harder. So when she will get the neat paper her joy will bound to infinity. She is so so grateful for saving further minutes and a fumble that she will beam a 1000 Watts smile. The honest gratitude will sparkle eyes, ear to ear grin will steady the breath. The life will no longer be dreary.

Kidding aside, consider the job, do a little bit to make it easy. The Joy will rub off to you too and you will do well in the meeting, that client will give the contract or your boss that rise. Nah, the last one I doubt. Your day will go well and end well too. Try it. And then will you pass this blog forward ? I too will beam a 1000 watt smile 🙂

PS: Look at the back side of the paper boat for more fun20180404_083851.jpg


15 thoughts on “Beaming smile from Indigo host

  1. 1000 watts smile guaranteed 😃 Hey this one is sure to launch a 1000 planes ✈️ with their stewardesses! Has indigo approached you yet to be their brand ambassador? 😃 How about some free tickets- no cpml? 😃 Jokes apart, we need more folks like you to light(en) up our skies. Very well written Jaggu, heart warming


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