God does not play dice … He pokes

gometeswarahead_originalWe live in a world of predictability. Cycles and rhythms govern us, comfort us. We expect patterns and behaviors. And then get we bored of them. As the life becomes routine, we need a change. Go on a vacation, like it. Then get fatigued of them vacations too. Try adventure, again get bored. Yet it is consistency that gives us comfort. If not we get stressed. As life moves along, there are days when you think God is bored and is poking us with unexpected events. It was one such day for me few Sundays back.

My good club BAC-B organized a day trip to Shravana-belagola, Gometeshwar, where centuries old Mahavir Jain’s Monolith radiates peace. It had been some time since


the last family ride so this time I planned to take Wify dear and Dotty dear along . As I said earlier my group of bikers likes spiritual destinations and early morning starts. So 4:00 am I woke up and checked event on FB , to my surprise two of the ladies who I was banking on joining said not joining for the event. I and wify talked how uncharacteristic this was. It was start of unpredictability. Normally I do not back track on plans, no matter what, I steam roll ahead. This time I left it to Wify and she asked me to carry on alone. Another kink in predictable patterns.

The ride on the Nice road towards Tumkur was nice with the dawn just breaking. The grey tones of dawn yield to color as the sun beams open curtains in sky and haze evaporates. I reached the meeting place and the there were few riders waiting in the island triangle formed by the Nice road and the highway. Lead was missing, another thing uncommon. Presently a lady dentist rider joined us in her red bike and riding gear. She said she decided in the morning, talked to the lead and turned up. Hmm, what is happening ? If I had known this, Wify, Dotty and the black beast would have been here.

After some time the lead came in and we continued to wait for few remaining riders to join, we sent back a rider without proper gear and his friend who did not have an avenger. This is normal. We insist on full gears on all long rides. Then I saw club’s VP halt on the side, I did not know he was coming of this trip. My thoughts were interrupted violently as the ace, record breaking, path breaking rider of the group, hurled towards VP, swerved yet hit him on the leg and fell. Her bike went on for few meters more on its own, got hit by a van. This was out of the blue shock. Few riders went to them, handled the situation with calm. Overall things were not very very serious. Yet there was a hurt leg, a bent handle.

We regrouped, the club supremo and the two riders stayed back and we started to ride.
Sober, shaken and stirred. So much happened and we had just begun. Soon the group found its rhythm and the Avengers started to rule the highway in formation. This amazes me always. Simple rules, good discipline and a convoy that seems fluid , flexible but acts as one.img_20161016_082429-collage Swati delicacy on the Hassan highway is THE breakfast halt for bikers. So naturally we halted. We were gobbling down our food there and I saw one of the two predicable lady riders drop in. She woke up and decided to come after all. So this turn of unexpected continued. I was hoping for no other surprise when the Supremo boomed in. He sent the VP and the Ace ho
me and with haste joined us. Well God likes to poke and prod and test. So many unexpected events.

The group chatted, talked, geared and rode. We left the expressway and took to smaller highways. Closer to nature, closer to people. We came across school kids waving to us in glee. Express way gives the thrill of speed but small roads connect us to people, fleetingly. Also the reduced pace makes for peace of mind. The scenery soothes the eyes. So enjoying the line of bikes ahead of me, waving to smiling kids and appreciating the  scenery we reached Shravana Belagola with Huuggee Gommateshvara on the top of Vindyagiri Hill.

Our poked experience with God subsided, we were given a respite in the events. The 650 0dd steps climb and the sight is breath taking. Unexpected in its own way. That experience of the climb, the reflections it brought are for the next blog. This one is about the journey and its twists and turns. It is about the mix of old familiarity of group rides, the warmth of meeting old friends, the enticements of the road and the unexpected jabs that break the set thinking.

We have to pause and take in the mild and strong shocks, be grateful for spirit to assimilate them and try to recreate the order. Create patterns of familiarity from the chaos of new. Without the predictability we cannot function. The unexpected excites us, scares us but even that settles down and we go on. God can roll the dice, poke but we need to take things in stride and create order. Predictability. Comfort.



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