To live is to learn

In the previous blog I was talking about learning from a DIY session on emergency bike fixes and about leaning to lead a formation of bikers on the busy Mysore road. This was part of the event by BAC Bengaluru. That blog was on the DIY session and the ride till lunch at Ramanagara Kamat. This blog is on rest of the trip and more on learning to cope with life.

Learning happens at multiple levels and is of different types. Yet I can see it split into two main groups. One: there is the learning of a skill like the DIY fix, carpentry, leading the group, playing a game or instrument, writing code, executing an agile project. Then there is learning that teaches you how to live, how to respond to quirky situations and relate with others. This second type builds who you are. Over time it gives the hints of color to your personality. Life, in a way is sum of what we learn about ourselves, relationships and reactions to events. In that way learning is life and life is a long road of learning. Few lessons mature you, others caution you and some teach you how to deal with wify dear ( or so I think, there may be no end to learning and surprises in that area). As we accumulate the learnings the mind figures out how to respond to life events. Every change in the known pattern creates another layer of learning gives a quirky twist to the individual that is you.

kamatThe group started from the RV Bajaj show room, navigated the messy Mysore highway and took a lunch break at Kamat Lokaruchi, Ramanagara for some sponsored Kairali lunch. The served spread and set up here is on fresh green banana leaf with long list of sweet, sour, savory, dry, wet, fried, stirred, dipped items. It is tempting , filling, tasty. Do not miss it if you are around the place during lunch time. On top of all of those there are the powders, chutneys and pickles adding to the variety. It shares Jawar roti with its North Karnataka cousin but is a performer with its own identity. Healthy and tasty, but a bit too much. It starts with a sweet holige ( stuffed sweet roti), fired pattrode , Jawar roti, 4-5 curries, papad, progresses to puttu, rice, payasa ( rice pudding ?). And then fruits.

13633378_10153744417101188_1018905342_oAs we were waiting for the meal to start I chatted with Rahul Kumar. He was taking mean pictures of the food. I saw him clicking earlier of the array of helmets we had arranged. I requested for few of the pictures from him just in case I blog on the ride. He got exited and said he is a poet himself. He blogs on Indiblogger and had published two books. Another surprise and anther lesson. He urged me to join the community. I did and that has become my muse now. So you see the more frequent postings.  I also learned to limit the portions and say no vigorously. If not a very full stomach will not allow for a safe ride. It will make it an uncomfortable and drowsy ride.

As I and Wify dear finished the meal early we were strolling around. After the lunch few others broke off and went around while the core group did its usual kidding around and few smokers sought a cozy corner. I came to know that the rest of the ride is a short one, off the highway on village roads. As I was explaining this, wify understood my intent. She vehemently refused to be the rider of the bike. She does not want to take me for a ride. However when the time came for us to gear up she agreed to. So we got a new lead and Wify dear with me on the pillion was in the middle of the formation. Wonder what prompted her to change her mind, I may never learn.IMG_20160716_213753

Via winding roads we arrived at the Kanva reservoir but we did not stop. The was a plan to go for a photo shoot further ahead.  We got multiple instructions for riding , forming by the photographers. In a true filmy style we did repeats. Group word ride, stop, take a U Turn. Rinse, repeat. Take after take we moved around. It was a bit tedious so Wify decided to leave all this to me and go join the photographers and the sponsors in the center while we did our periodic oscillations. And then Murphy mia came along. The sorte after she left did not stop for a re take, it continued to the reservoir. By the time I realized it we had come a bit far. I know the group is responsible so knew the sponsors car , photographers bike will get her to the lake. She too is a fierce and independent so will manage. And these assumption were true but acting on them was a mistake.IMG_20160612_151119 (1)Like us another rider and pillion too decided that the pillion would go wait. That other riders went back for his friend. And that was a mistake too. Had he not gone things would have been be Ok. But. Since he did wify demanded why I did not. On top of it another girl from the group gave me a neat peace of her mind on how to take care of the pillion mate especially if she happens to be your wife. So one needs to ensure that feelings are taken care of along with security. More importantly make sure there is no bloke who does this for his friend when you do not, for your wife. Confidence on the group and your mate is on one side, feelings are a different matter altogether.

We as a group posed a bit more on the lake and started back home. Me leading once more. Rest of the ride was ok ok, no events worth reporting. One break for tea and snacks after Bidadi and then we did a final stop near the Nice road and said our goodbyes.

What happens and how it unfolds is different for every person. I may have a frame and context that is not exactly common with even my dear ones. And this frame and context makes people perceive and react differently to the same events. And how does this framework get built. From the life’s learning, from your mental makeup and what other think of your actions. All this people, occasion, interaction, relationship and others reactions shapes it. Mind creates pathways for future use to defeat the selfish gene and to remain young, active with age. So learning both type of skills and being conscious of it will make you age gracefully.



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  1. Great to know that you have found the platform Indiblogger via another blogger. It’s an excellent platform for bloggers and, I hope you will get inspiration and encouragement from all the fellow bloggers.

    Loved the food served on the banana leaf…looks inviting… 🙂

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