Can universe conspire ?

How we came back home part 1


What is superstition , what is faith , What is intuition , 6th sense ? Is there an universal conspiracy – for or against a person or a family ? Do murphy and anti-murphy exist ?  When a set of events stress you to the panic point and you barely survive the day you have these questions. Then there are folks who think there that the universe or the high being of the universe conspire to make things happen to someone if that is so destined. It is as if from the zillion choices this powers has, it singles out on one and focus its attention on that one, make things happen for that one. Good or bad or both. I think this is when faith  forms in the mind.


There are thousands of millions of the power beings and we are a avatars for them. So we are a networked game or a things to bet on. So we need to worry or wonder why an all knowing and all powerful should bother about a specific creature on earth. Or we are all connected and there is an  universal energy with complex rules and instructions and laws. Physical, social, cultural, meta physical and that energy drives and based on our past deeds, present mind set and some randomness for fun directs the course of our lives. Or the powers beings have a sense of humor and play jokes on us. So score one for good things that happen to us and one down for bad things. And by these scores and ups and downs they have a good laugh and teach us how to live.

Those are some abstract thoughts above. There is a very real bharateeya ( Indian ) trainphenomenon that plays all over the country in summer. Wify dear and Dotty dear played it out for me this year ( too). That cultural urge is – the wife will pack and go to her mothers for a few weeks and the husband needs to get her back. It is not that wify dear cannot come back, she does go there all by herself. But she insists the return need to be with me. So I went and on the day of return set things into motion that caused the philosophy in the previous paragraphs.

We had return flights to Bangalore from Bhilai via Bombay. It was an early afternoon departure and little nightish arrival. One the hot , bright day I was taking a morning stroll when a message came that our flight is rescheduled. The new time is 1:00 pm (1300 hours in more serious language) as delay for 25 mins. Now when I booked I did realize that we only had 1.5 hours at Bombay to switch. I figured that is enough. Now I was worried. We got just over an hour now. Then it drew on me that I had to switch airlines! (Airindia followed by Spicejet )If it were the same airline then things work better. So a niggle creeped on to my mind. The score -1. Then I realized no matter what we will have to check in a bag or two. That will eat some time. Score -2. Then Dotty dear tells me she got her Basketball along and that need to go back with us. I knew we had to deflate it so carry it with us in the carry on. While the ball traveled from Bangalore the pin used to inflate and deflate it did not. And these modern balls need the pin. They do not yield to any poke from any of the normal poking things. The niggle was tending to worry. -3.

We reached the Raipur airport with no incidents and started the check in. I asked the person at the counter to tag our bag and the rip stick ( Wave board, ya dotty needs her wheels and the ball, there is no dissuading a girl who just entered her teens to let go of these peeves) top priority for real early collection at the baggage belt at Bombay. I told him we have a tight connection to Bangalore on Spicejet. He said you are doomed. You should have stuck to Airindia through and through. Why ? Because Airindia lands in International terminal T2 and your spicy thing takes off from domestic terminal 1B. And they are separated by a cab ride and the 5:00 pm Bombay traffic. Score -4. Niggle turns to worry. He checks in and then comes the matter of the ball.

Kids need to be taught to travel light not be attached to worldly possessions, especially those that get inflated and can have pressurized air with in them. I did not do that, so dotty dear roams the world with assortments of material things. At this point a basketball it was. The check in guy said you can take this as carry on only if it is deflated. I had IMG_20160605_095513thought so too and earlier I had tried. In the past the balls had these valves and a gentle poke with a stiff wire would deflate them. This ball was a modern self-reliant, tamper proof, I will work only with the proper nozzle pin kind. So all manner of poking and prodding yielded no results. On bright fella came over to the counter and said lets try with a pen refill. It is like the nozzle pin with a channel for air to pass. Good idea. So we cut the nearly empty refill in to half. We tried. The smart nozzle bent the refill and stayed on its ground. Score -5.

Defeated I went to check the ball in, thinking this will add to our delays. Then another smart Alek turned up and said you cannot check in an inflated ball. The luggage hold will not be pressurized and on takeoff the ball will burst. Now we were stuck. -6.  Wify dear took a safety pin and maneuvered it into the nozzle so that the ball started to hiss. Very very slowly. Wives have a knack of pulling these tricks when the husbands all the logic and maneuvers fail. And the look he gets at that time. So finally luck was turning. -6 : +1 As time passed and we were nearing boarding panic restarted. The rate of deflation was not enough! -7 : +1.

We decided to take our chances and get rid of the ball if needed. It will teach the kid some lessons on attachment and detachment at least. When we check it in, the security X-Rays were benevolent or the person manning them was. Or the power beings finally wanted to give us a break. No objections, no questions. The bag that was carrying the ball got stamped. -8:+2.

As we sat in the waiting lounge a booming proper air india trained, chattisghari accent voice said there is a delay of 45 mins to departure and ETD is 1315 hours now. Heart sunk. He said the delay is due to late arrival. Now that helps a lot and explains everything. Why are we late ? Because we started late foe the previous flight. Not that a proper explanation would have helped the nerves. What does one do when confronted with the ulimatality like that ? You cannot cancel and go back. You are not sure you will go forward. So you can only do “if and but”. If only we saw how tight the schedules was but we did not. If only there were a direct flight ( Indigo had one) but there was not. If only …..

It is here that my grandmother would say, it is your Karma. Deal with it with faith. If the divine wants you to go to Bangalore you will, if he,she,it,they wants you to learn few life lessons you will. No point in if butting. Take a deep breath, trust the lord. So how did the collective Karma of me, Wify and Dotty pan out ?  Next time ….



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