Stay safe

This is the day 3 of the 3 day bike trip with BACs- Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

For day one read – Elemental for how raw nature is so pretty and for day 2 of this trip water power that show work of water over limestone.

Day 3 – the day of going back.

Last 2 days were fun riding and seeing some of the nature’s art work over an eon. It was riding and exploring, late nights. Yet part of the group still had some energy left to go visit the temples and dip in the natural springs near by. Nandyal has temples dedicated to Nandi – the most known one is Mahanandi temple. Near by there are natural springs and the group wanted a dip. It cleanses and purifies and lot of other things. Me being a clean pure guy any way, gave it skip. Others not so such souls had do go for the “personal” servicing.

On top of it me and dotty dear thought two hours of sleep will be so nice and refreshing, however wify dear went and earned the Karma points. We woke up lazily but got ready fast and started the walk to Swati restaurant for a pure veg south Indian breakfast. The only decent pure veg joint near about. We can go round the world but a pull of a well-made dosa, hot sambar, idli chatni and filter coffee defines the locus of a place for us.

We came back, took a bath, cleaned the bike and packed. By now rest of the gang came back too and we started the return trip about an hour later then we planned.

The mood was of controlled hurry, first the Chennai team and then we flagged off from the hotel. Hyderabad team was to start once we had left.

We were out of the city and back into the meandering highway. I have said this before and will say it once more. The fun on a bike is part due to the risk. Humans were not made for speeds over 15 to 20 KMs. I guess, that is the fastest one can hope to go unaided. If you then take that design , make it go at high speeds and if the body falls it will rip. Even a fall at 30 KMs will peel the skin and may break a bone or two. Safety and gear is  mandatory. Guards for all vital areas and then for elbows and knees. Then there is the reverse bravado. Assuming that the gear will save you always. It will not. So safety comes from caution, common sense, practice and gear. There is the element of luck too.

As we were moving on, we came upon a speed breaker right after a curve. Me and the rider in front applied our breaks and the one behind had to stop a little more sudden. This made the bike skid. Fall.  It is then that we saw what even mild speeds can do and the importance of gear. If we had a protocol for the riders when the bikes in front need to stop and we had practiced this could have been avoided, but it was not to be.The group reformed, rider was shaken but we carried on.

Lunch was at Anathpur, we consulted a doc and after that the trip started back. It was already evening and dusk came upon us. We decided to break into two  groups as the progress with sixteen odd bikes is not the fastest. And then there was the erratic traffic. Meanwhile the leader of our  pack was nowhere to be seen. The trail got little tired and hitched ride in the car. It was the photographer took his bike. After a quick spot conference, a new lead took over and we made steady progress. The other group caught up with us soon, we merged the two groups back to one. Rode for a while and stopped for one last tea and junky bites. It was already dark.

As the night progressed and dodging the dense traffic yet in formation we reached the esteem mall at night. The drop off place. It is here I realized between the last tea and the night ride I had dropped my mobile. I think these things must be secured and you confirm they are secure each time you start a ride.

So that was the ride – Nice trip, nature’s art work, few good important lessons. Let’s see when , where and how well we use these lessons we learnt. Hope others learn too. Yes ride hard, ride safe and take extreme care.


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