Steep enchanting inclines

Turahalli trip

Turahalli trip

By luck I meet Vinay in the bus last Friday. He works with me and shares lot of fun and frustration and the bus route back home. As we solved few domestic and world problems the chat went light and little towards social courtesy. I asked him the plan for the coming weekend. He said he is going cycling to Kanakapura with Ankur. I too have a cycle and I use it. Mostly for getting stuff for the dotty dear nearby, to work and like.

This idea of early morning ride to some place on the highway was nice. So I thrust my company on them. We planned to meet neat Ankur’s place, the south city. Set off at about 6:10 am after a small ritualistic delay.

The first time meeting for an outing is fun. Tentatively at first and with vigor eventually, notes are exchanged and each other’s gears are discussed. Tips are taken then given. Commonality is discovered, diversity is welcomed and the bonding begins. So we talked about our cycles, the gear preferences and the hardness of the saddles.

The place we were going to was Turahalli forest, off the Kanakapura road. Onwards, it was an easy ride as it was mostly downhill. Few pedals and then the cycle would roll. What a fun. The return would be the reverse but then for now it was easy breezy. The run keeper app kept counting the minutes, KMs and Calories. We kept a nice chatter going.

20130713_072631Went off the highway, crossed the just mushrooming high-rise complexes and reached “Nice Road”. That was the cue for us to start the loop back. And the loop back started with near 30o. Huff, puff and a break. Rinse repeat.

This way back was getting tough.  As we were recovering from another steep incline a dirt track into the forest enticed us. What made it more tempting was, 2 other cyclists over took us and entered it. A check on the navigator for the route, a little discussion was all it took and we went in.

The just rained routes, the newly washed trees and the still moist grass made the rough and stony path good. The incline was ok at that point. And then we took the wrong turn. Instead of taking the path around the hill we took the one that took us to the top. The incline here was such that we had to dismount at places. So a ride, walk, trek routine took us to the top.

Talk of luck by chance. On the top is a Shani temple and very nice views, soothing breeze. Met a family there that had walked to the top from nearby. Posed a bit, experimented with panorama shots and started the climb down to the other side.

And man was it steep. We just dragged the cycles and made it to below. After that the ride back was not bad. A halt at the Adiga’s . Idly wada with a cup of coffee helped. I was back home in time to be ready for the PTM at dotty dear’s school – off the Kanakapura road.

This small ride means there will be more in coming weekends. Discover Bangalore surrounding on wheels at 18 KMPH.

Route map

Route map


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