Where is Kumta ?

Beach and sand has calling for the Wify dear like the mountains do for me. This Christmas I was planning a stay at home vacation. But the calling of the natural beings and the will of a ‘called’ spouse does not go well with peace plans. So few calls to the Club Mahindra call center landed us with a reservation to the Jasminn resort at Goa. Few reports were that it is not as good as the Verca but other reports said it is good. Anyway the choice was not with me.

Then I remember a long for gotten wedding of a friend (actually colleagues) at a place called Kumta in North Karnataka( Uttara Canara ). This was a 10 years back or may be a bit more. We had gone to attend thier wedding and I had fallen in love with the place. So charted a course to Goa Via Kumta. And this is how we did it.

25 Dec:

Early morning 7:00 am start from the house. Yes 7:00 is early by some Peoples’ standards. Hit the NICE road and Tumkur. From there eased into NH206. A moderately trafficked highway. Going was between 80-100 kms mostly and few times to a crawl. The road near towns was cratered with potholes. The Black beast’s tractor encounter had left its back right suspension a bit bent. Or so said the garage guy. I was bit worried but she eat the miles with ease and no groans. Other places the road was ok.

These old highways bring life very close to you. But they are changing. We saw trees being cut to make it a 4 lane one. That will rob it of its charecter. Will be nice to drive though. First major place was Tiptur. That crossed the enquiries were for Shimoga. We lunched with our packed food, just after 12:30 near Shimoga.

Next port of call was Sagar and then the Mighty Jog Falls. Did the mandatory detour to Jog. The four falls there Raja, Rani, Rocker and Rover has ok ok water. The roar was not so impressive but the sight was. I wanted the instant photo there. Wify questioned – when was the last we saw all those other instant photos at other places. Latest in Ooty. I again had to let go. Next time.

Road down from Jog to Hanoovar was bad. Biggish potholes, bending curves. Traffic was very very light. But the 60 odd KMs took more than two and half hours. Aroung 6:00 pm we reach the hotel Panduranga International in Kumta. We checked in and went hunting for the Kumta beach. It was dark when we finally made it after a couple for wrong turns. So could see little. Seems to be a pretty place. I remember from the last time, the beach is gentle. There is a small hillock and a road leading to nearly the top. The sight from there was very very nice. Again next time.

Quick bite at the Hotel Restaurant and it was all.


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