4 things I like about the bike and 2 I don’t

It’s been over a month and about 500 KMs on the bike – Bajaj Avenger. So What do I like about it ?

1. Looks. Now that the steed has got his bag and a seat cover with a flaming chopper on it he looks cool. Few well designed stickers can make him even more of a stunner.

2. Comfort. The ride is very comfortable. Easy posture, means I am relaxed and that cuts the tendency to accelerate and be in a hurry. Yes it is nice and comfy.

3. Stability. The  ride is very balanced. Low center of gravity and wide rear type make it so.

4. Response. I ride at 50 KM or so and the throttle is nearly at min.

A bit of rev. and he races ahead. So tons of slack and over taking is a breeze. Just power up, catch up, over take. Braking is equally effective.

And What Is do not like

1. Getting started. When I use the Beast I get in turn the key and go. For the steed, I have to unlock the handle from the tight side. Insert and turn the ignition key by bending, turning and fumbling on the left side under the tank. Turn the ignition level down. Wear the Helmet, put on riding glasses. Zip up the jacket. And then mount, un-stand, flick the ignition switch and then go.

With the old Splendor at least the lock and ignition was one operation.

2. After stopping. The processes reverses. Also halting, searching for neutral is a mess some times. And yes there is that remove helmet, lock it business.

That all once the engine come alive and the wheels turn, it is nice. Wind through the helmet, drone and beat of the engine and just Hit the Roads. And when you see a fellow avenger and smile it feels good.Yes I like to ride my Bike.


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