Cycling to office

By Nikhil Kulkarni

Lotus food court, Infosys

I cycled to office(Infosys) today. I was meaning to since a long time but was not getting the motivation. What route to take ? Will I get parking ? Where will I change ? What time should I start ? All these questions make it impossible to hit the roads. Another cyclist and Infocion gave me tips and answered all the questions.

He even agreed to come along with me.

So the route was Arekere on the Bannergatta road, Road next to IIMB and HSBC, Vijaya enclave, Begur ( with its nice big lake), Manipal county resort , Hosur road and finally the Infosys office.It took about 50 mins to cover the 11 Kms. Let’s see plan to make it once every week.

In an unrelated news looks like I caught the eye infection. Hope it does not hurt that much.


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