I want to ride my Bicycle

There is excitement of the wheels nature. Five or six (give or take a week or two) months back a cycle chap opened his shop near our flats. I had bought a new pump couple of months before that and in a show of strength burst Dotty dear’s cycle’s tyre. So this new shop came very handy. Took the cycle there and while waiting for it get fixed got talking to him. Ended up buying two second-hand cycles for me and wify-dear. These were 6 speed and 18 speed but not too much to talk about. Later when I went to get few nuts tightened the shop chap showed gleaming near new Chinese Peerless cycles.

These were beauties. So struck a deal and exchanged the old ones with the new ones.Been cycling on the weekends and mornings quite regularly. The new black stead notwithstanding. Jayanagar is about seven KMs one way and done that few times. Plan to go to office this week. That will be ten KMs each way. Long term goal is to do Nandi hills ( 70 KMs) and then to places around 150 KMs each way. Let’s see.


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