Black beast gets a li’l sister

Black beast has been with me since 8 years and took us to places other wheels would shudder to go. We drove it on rural roads, mountain tracks, river beds, bushy forests. The Mahindra Bolero takes the road and the indian people, cows and buffalos in its treads. Once we had parked it and climbed a mountain. When we came back 3 buffalos fresh out of a lake were scratching their backs on the bonnet and the sides. A good wash is all that it took to get our beast back into shape.

But the Bengaluru’s traffic and choked streets makes taking a car out a test of patience. It takes 10 mins to enter the road from our complex on a weekend evening. So I also had a Hero splendor with me. It served for 12 years with, actually, zero maintenance. Fill it shut it forget it.

But, the bike on roads these days are so temptinSo sold the dear Splendor a month back and bought a Bajaj Avenger. For those lighter longer trips. So the black beast has a little sister. Not sure what to call it thought. Never felt like christening the Splendor. Not sure. May be li’l beast ?  Got it last week and took for a drive on the Kanakapura highway. Nice handling. Good power. Very very comfortable.

In the sun and shining



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