Aesthetics and concerns

While in the sky approaching New Delhi on the Jet Konnect flight, thoughts are on architecture, aesthetics and concerns. What is the connection ? Hope I can figure that out by Monday morning !

While the plane was in that merry suspension about to touch the ground but not yet state I was staring at the snaky beast. All shiny. Golden glow on the right side and a glowing red on the other. Little bit break in the revere made it clear this is an arterial road. Golden glow was the cars coming towards with headlight on and the red embers was the tails of receding ones. The sprinkled beast was the road carrying the cars. Decked up, magnificent and pretty, devouring the precious energy and resource of the earth.

As I sit in waiting for the flight back home to Bangalore I think I am making only half as much sense I should. In any case, sorry Shubhendu, mad rush , no time. Will call tomorrow.


One thought on “Aesthetics and concerns

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