Yoga, exercise, cycle or walk ?

SVG drawing of a volleyball.

2 weeks back we had gone re-union-ing to our school after 21 years. There we played volley ball with the kids. I was in the field and contributed with some 4-5 serves and 2 shots and 1 point. Not much. But enough to pull a Hamstring in a one of them Jumps. Did not care too much at that time. It did not hurt so thought it will go away.

Then Dipaawali happened (Ho, Happy belated one, was it good ?). All the running, bending and crouching made it worse. There are couple of other stupid things that compounded the pull. Now It hurts like mad and for past week and a half been bearing it.

All those curls and massages for recovery are not helping. What is happening is the guilt of not keeping fit and flexible is growing. You see I have tried the four forms of keep fitting – Yoga, exercise, cycle or walk and then some. I have a very scientific and ineffective approach to this fitness.

It starts with the guilt for not doing much and lot of thinking. Slowly efforts are made to motivate myself by reading and figuring it out. It then occurs to me that it is easy to exercise, it is difficult to do the first step. So start to make time for the first step. Once I have time on hands I internet. You have to get it right. And then the D-Day. May be it is fresh oxygen. I manage to actually walk,run,cycle 2-3 KMs, do the pawanmukht-asanas, Thada-asana, Surya namaskar or what ever. I even manage to do it these again the next day or two. The body gets a bit stiff but feeling is all good.

Then this trophy syndrome kicks in. It is like the exams in school day. You prepare and study put a last late nighter. Take the exam and feel liberated. So with this liberated sense of accomplishment I cut myself some slack. For next 3 months.

So with 2-3 days a quarter of working and lot of reading I know a lot, do a little and an odd volley ball game, pull the hamstring.


2 thoughts on “Yoga, exercise, cycle or walk ?

  1. ur post on yoga, exercise, cycle or walk.

    There are two keep ur body lean & fit
    another keeping ur body flexible.

    If u want to keep ur body lean & fit without any illness..try having only fruit & raw vegetable for one week in a month really works. I did it last week very strictly & i reduced 4 kilos!!!! i am feeling very light. Have at least 5lts of water a day.

    Another thing, if u want be flexible..try dancing for at least 15-20 mins non stop. Do free style dancing & try to play Punjabi songs where you can do some hard steps.
    I do not practice daaily but I make sure that do it at least twice a week. I don’t find any excercise is better than dancing. Try & you will definitely get benefited.

    Cheers !! for good health


    • Actually those curls and massages are putting the motivation back. Let me try the fruits and veggie diet. I had heard about it. Any place I can read more 🙂 ?


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