Waiting for 20 years.

IC 108, IC 133. There is a distance of six and a half hours between them. One brought me to Mumbai from Bangalore and the other will take me to Bhopal. Why is there no proper connection to some of these places? I did another all nighter once before for Raipur. To the wify dears house. That time has taken an early evening one so could get into a hotel. This time the flight landed at Mumbai at 23:45, baggage claimed and now waiting for my friend Harkirat to join me. Then we will wait for the dawn. Wait for IC133. He had taken 9w 2704 and would have just landed.

It is 0100 hrs on 29th now. I am at the Mumbai domestic airport since over an hour.  After picking up my bag I came over to the departures .There are seats here, few of them at the counters. Not very comfortable but not bad. Got free wi-fi for 2 hours. After that will use my data stick. Couple for shops and lot of people. Wish I could doze.

Why are we doing this grave yard waiting. It is 20th year Higher Secondary School of us Kendriya Vidhyalaya Sagar(MP), re union. We of the “bees saal baad “memories planned this for 3 months and are now waiting.


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