Bicycles in Bangalore

I am seeing more and more people on cycle on the roads going about their usual business on cycles these days. It is not just the vendors and the students but grown ups going for shopping or work. Earlier used to hear about the bikers who would buy a cycle for exercise or for weekend rides. Now see more of them using it as part of the day-to-day stuff. Like the old times. One of my relatives in BEL said that they used to cycle some 20-30 KM to buy fish or mushrooms. My grandfather would be on the road on his cycle for better part of the day even after he retired and was nearly 75.

We may not get back to those times but I think we will have more and more people giving their cars and motor bikes a rest and go pedaling. We ( I and Wify dear) bought 18 speed, double suspension cycles. Second hand from the shop near our house. Since a month any thing with in 10 KMs is done on them. Hope to ride to office soon. Will post their pictures later.

I learnt cycling rather late at 10 but made up for it by perpetually being on it when ever out of the house. The sense of freedom and able to be some where fast without depending on parents or an auto or the bus was just too much. Used the cycle for school and then college. The chain broke once I started working. The cycle made its appearance in our house for the dotty dear. A small one gear, back pedal breaking red thing. It was to get this cycle’s tire fixed that I went into the shop near by and the old spirit came back.

There is a Bangalore Biking Club ( BBC) that seems to have crazy people doing 100, 150, 900 KM trips. Sriram from there said there are also the leisure chaps who would rather pedal and have tea than race or measure miles. Lets see. Right now just reading the mails from their Google groups. May be some day, there will be a bike trip that will be as good as the treks.


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