I am in London for 2 weeks. The volcano Eyjafjallajökull delayed the start by a week but last Friday got to get here. Got seats in a very expensive semi business or more like economy Plus on British airways. This is just Economy with bit more leg space. But the price is bit too steep for it.

Had to start at 3:00 am in the morning for a 6:30 flight. The office travel advice ! One needs 3 hours at the airport due to the pile up etc. and I bought into it. The wait was not too bad though. BIA provides free wifi on request. You just SMS the Promo code and get the user id and password back. And it worked. Managed to get some workdone at 5:00 am in the morning and bit of entertainment.

The flight was packed and on time. Food average. I cannot sleep on the plane and the unearthly time I had to reach the airport meant did not get enough of sleep. So the jet lag was going to be a big one and it was. The movies were not bad but did not help in the jet lag dept.

Landed on time and with an aching head took Heathrow express and then a Taxi to the hotel on the Hackney road.


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