Leaves’ become gold, Wine’s been made.

– Lets have Autumn Fest.
Channel surfing on predominantly Deutsch channels. Sipping a bitter brew with legs under quilt. Looking out of a cloud/mist covered window. Its cold out there. An uncertain rain/mist/drizzle moisture is teaming with wind/breeze and making sure one has a solid reason not to venture out. Praying for sun. If this is how it is around you then it is best to stay put and not go out. But if you are in and or around Hallau in Swiss (which it self is near Zurich), if it is Autumn October then follow the following to get a taste of harvest. If this looks like an account based on reality it probably is. But why bother. Look at it as a process which if followed and if the assumptions (all implicit) are in accordance then you will have fun. Well you will have fun in Swiss in Autumn anyway, but then that is matter for another talk.

To enjoy the Hallau Harvest/Autumn/Wine festival you must be knowing some one who knows about it, say Matthias or Notter. Then you should have a group of lets go and see type of people, say Raju, Rupa +, Jitin, Anjali +, Just Me and VJ, Kokila only, Radhana only. Notter should talk about it month or two in advance and then on the second sunday of the October firm up the plans and invite the LGSTs to Hallau along with Matthias, who should come with his son, wife to be joining later.

On the said day you must go on train to Schaf…. One family set come on a different train and yet another on Car. It is important for this to happen otherwise all the fun in getting together is lost. Also the much valued and bragged cell phones will not be put to use. What use of technology if it cannot be used. Arriving at the Schaf… differently will ensure that the first hour is very uncertain and exiting. The Swiss guys (M & F here) will offcource be very precise, punctual and be waiting for you there. Otherwise suspect their Swissiness.

Once all the bits, pieces and families are happily united (well well this is not the end of the story, not to worry) have lunch. Have lunch while looking at the magnificent Rhine falls with gorgeous sunshine. The restaurant booked by M will be thing to remember for the views it provides. N will tell you that the bridge over the river is old and half owned each by the two counties it connect. The mist formed by the rapid white water will hold a spell. Break it. Eat.

Then some one will look at the watch and say by 2 PM the parade in Hallau will start. So do hurry up. The Autumn festives begin with the Parade. Earlier the Parade used to reflect the Harvest mood, with most of the Floats depicting this. These days the themes are varied. You can see love for books, hate for computer manuals and how banking is a way of life in the S land. Beautiful maidens in colourful medieval costumes. Kids showing suaveness. All types of animals. Ladies and gentlemen driving a theme across. Cookies and soups doled out. Pretty faces watching all these with Grape Yards forming a backdrop. Picture. Perfect. If it’s sunny too then you have your Icing.

As per the norm with good things the Parade too will come to an end. Walk through the Mela at Hallau now. Your approaching teens and just past teens will love this. Games, masks, face painting, Kinder theatre, Cotton candy (infact the kids in you will love this, and the fingers will stick!). Locate a good warm cafe. Sip the just made wine (for the year), order more if you like it. Listen to the street orchestra being played. Compare it how similar/close is it to your every day work. Work put in by some one. All hot air and waving by the boss. The Bow at the end too. Have your boss defend the conductor. Good laugh. Have some hotly fried fries.

Move on to Mr N’s house to look at his horse. A white chap with mud here and there. On the way invoke the technology again and use cell to tell Raju that his car door is open. This will lead to many a unprintable jokes in your car. Do not print them. Enjoy. Oh Ah at the horse. Appreciate the rich red creeper on the Facade of his house. Look at many of the Watches and clocks he has collected. Raju’s year old son (that is the first + in Para 2 above) will fall. Get injured. Cry. And get pacified. Ohh the pains of growing old (you enter the world cryin’ and it then gets worse – Jus’ kiddin’ :-).

Again the Swiss precise M will calculate the time left for the return train and drop the train users in relevant stations in the order of the arrival time for the train. Direct the car owner to the correct highway. Radhana will lose and find her umbrella. Your legs are slightly sore. The day will yield into evening. The Dark from east will threaten night. Efficient train will carry you homeward. Reach home. Smile at the wonderful day well spent with friends and family. Count your blessings and go to sleep.


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